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H&S Constructors, Inc. Industrial Division

Leading the way as your General Contractor

Whether a grass-roots construction project, unit revamp or turnaround, even your small modification project, H&S Constructors can help ensure you meet your projects demands. With high priorities equal in schedule, safety and cost, a successful project is the most common result at H&S. From participation in constructability reviews to the field lay-out to execution of the project plan, H&S Constructors, Inc. is there to ensure a successful project.

We are ready to fabricate and install all of your structural steel and piping needs. H&S Constructors is a full service general contractor that has over 28 years experience in the petrochemical and municipal construction fields. We are an ASME coded shop uniquely qualified for all your needs. From concrete placement, structural steel and piping fabrication and installation to setting your largest pieces of equipment with either owned equipment or one of our many in network crane resource suppliers. We are ready to act as your general contractor and issue and maintain all required subs, or simply perform specified tasks, whatever suits our client’s needs. H&S Constructors experience and “Can-Do” attitude is only exceeded by our ability to be flexible enough to fill the most demanding needs of our clients at the highest safety and performance levels.

H&S Constructors, Inc. employs one of the best mechanical shops in the Gulf Coast area. We have in place weld procedures for: SAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, and SMAW. With over one hundred weld procedures at our disposal. We are ready for all your projects welding requirements. H&S Constructors, Inc. employs some of the best rig welders on the Gulf Coast. We are able and ready to adapt to our customer’s specific project needs, while maintaining above average performance and quality levels.
H&S employs one of the strongest and most successful civil crew teams on the gulf coast. From site lay-out, form and rebar placement and ultimately pouring the concrete for all your foundations. Flat work, overhead foundations, compressor foundations, major vessel foundations, whatever your job needs are, H&S is one of the best at placing concrete. Concrete pours of ½ to 400 cu. yds. ,no pour is too small or too large.

With equipment in fleet of hydraulic cranes from 8 to 550 ton capacity, dirt equipment from hydro excavators to maintainers to 20 yard belly dumps, we have the fleet to meet your project needs.

We are ready to help you bring your project in on time, safely and on budget.
We are available 24 hours per day, everyday to serve our customers needs.
Join the H&S team! Let’s plan your next successful project, together!

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Kelly Koster – Industrial Division Manager